Office Supplies for Home Business

Essential Shipping Materials:

Zebra GC420d - Industrial thermal printer compatible with UPS, USPS, FedEX, PayPal, etc and the labels cost much less than the Dymo ones. This is the workhorse printer to go with if you plan on printing more than 300 labels per day. The Dymo 4XL is similar but is recommended for smaller volumes of printing and the labels used is more expensive than the Zebra options.

4 Rolls of 250ct of Labels for the Zebra - The labels for the Zebra, the more you buy the more savings are made. 

4 Rolls of 220ct of Labels for the Dymo 4XL - They have a notch in each of the corners for the machine to recognize where it stops and ends.

Uline H-150 2-Inch Industrial Side Loading Tape Dispenser - Speeds up tape and shipping process

6 Pack Duck Brand Packaging Tape 1.88 x 109.3 - For the Uline dispenser and has more tape per roll.

6 Pack Duck Brand Packaging Tape 1.88 x 54.6 - For Uline dispenser and smaller dispensers in office. The smaller capacity rolls can fit onto the disposable rollers (3M type)

1-2 Reams Hammermill 20lb copy paper - For general printing in the office

1-2 Stacks of Pratt Single Wall pack of 25 (8x6x4) - family pack boxes

1-2 Boxes of Avery 5126 Labels (200labels/100ct) - backup plan and general use when not using zebra

Box of 12 Sharpies - All purpose cover or markup

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