Da Ono Grindz of Oahu (Great Eats Map)

Graduations and the end of the school year are coming! Summer break is there right before your eyes. It's that time of the year to dream and plan your getaway to Oahu! Hey, you deserve a vacation...now, go get it! A quick note... End of Jan/Beginning of Feb and Oct/Nov you can find some great deals round trip to Hawai'i. I have found RT flights for as low as $220.00 from the Bay Area to Oahu.

Hawai'i..yes that's right, there's an apostrophe (actually Okina) in between the two "I"'s. Hawai'i is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. To say that there is only Spam, Kalua Pork, and rice is a total misconception. Much of the current food dishes on the islands is composed of the melting pot of cultures which include Asian/Southeast Asian, Pacific Island, and time-honored traditional local cuisine. Sustainable food farming and culture was in practice well before it was hip in the mainland. On your next trip out to the islands try something new or different, you might like it! If you do not like it, you don't have to order it again.

When on the island...some tips and guidelines. You need to learn to slow down and soak in the vibe, this includes driving! Locals know if you are from off the island(or military) from the style/speed of your driving and the pretentious car(convertible) you might be driving. You are not entitled to anything! Do not act like anyone owes you anything or that you should be treated like royalty... really, it will just piss off people. Finally, please show your gratitude and thanks to the folks that prepared or made the food, kindness goes a long way...it's part of the spirit of Aloha!

The map is being updated with the menu items/dishes that I have tried or eaten. I am also constantly adding new food spots as I try out different locations. Reviews will be following shortly but if you have a question or would like any other tips please feel free to email me here.

Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.
-Paul Theroux

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