Lights (studio strobes) for the budget photo studio.

Researching and searching for studio gear to start with can be a crazy and daunting task. Figuring out how much wattage, what mount for light modifiers, hardware choices, etc... It could cause a bit of frustration. I have been asked by a few students to provide some suggestions for a basic but flexible studio setup used for product photography, portraits, and fashion. Below are a few suggestions and explanations for equipment and kits that will provide a basis to start and expand from. The bold item links lead directly to the product for you to check out.

If you have the support systems, background stands, or c-stands then you are set. You just need the background now. For fashion and product photography, I recommend Super White first then Gray, Black, and other colors after.

Savage Seamless Background Paper (86" x 12 yd, #1 Super White) is just about the right size if you have the space. If you are shooting multiple people at once you may want the Savage 107X12-1 Seamless Background Paper, 107-Inch x 12 Yards - Super White , if space is an issue then get the Savage Seamless Background Paper, 53" wide x 12 yards, Super White, #1

Hardware and support systems:
You can start out with a portable yet strong set like Fancierstudio Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit 8ft by 10ft wide By Fancierstudio H804 or if you can afford it these Flashpoint 10' C (Century) Light Stand on Turtle Base Kit w/40" Grip Arm & Two 3" Gobo Heads are the ultimate in expansion and flexibility. You will need two, one for each side of the seamless roll.

Light Kits and Systems:
This Neewer® 750W(250W x 3)Professional Photography Studio Flash Strobe Light Lighting Kit for Portrait Photography,Studio and Video Shoots( EG-250B) has everything you might need minus a reflective umbrella set. It has stands, basic modifiers, lights, triggers, and a carry bag! Just get two more Neewer 33 inch Professional Photography Studio Reflective Lighting Umbrella and you are set!

Whats left is some backup batteries for the wireless triggers and a light meter if you want to speed up getting the correct exposure readings. This Sekonic L-308S 401-309 Flashmate Light Meter Digital (Black) is the meter I use and swear by but if you just want to eyeball it then you will still be okay.

Please feel free to email or comment with any questions on the setup or putting it together. I have ongoing workshops and private lessons on setup and how to use the equipment if you are interested (you can email me here). Happy shooting!

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