Creative process and learning

Lost In the Night Sky

Year: 2012

Song: Lost In the Night Sky by Theory Hazit

Artist: Jose Vaca

Shot and Edited: An Ta

Notes: So I was digging through old hard drives and looking though collaborations, projects, and various concepts. I took notice that I have a nasty habit of not promoting or releasing my work for others to see, observe, and provide feedback. I feel that most of my most of my life I have been so caught up in the creative process, collaboration, and growth aspect of the projects that I rarely celebrated the completion of the work. I think that in this case that me and Jose were far too embarrassed and fearful of what other would think about our process of growing. Jose was just starting his journey into dancing and I was exploring how to navigate a new camera and exploring techniques. In this case leaving out the sharing or feedback stage slowed my desire to continue to create just for creating. Youngsters, artists, aspiring artists please continue to share and expand your portfolio! Do not let your pride block or stunt your growth as a creator when you have an opportunity to share and learn from it. Now, I am actually enjoying looking back and reflecting on the process of learning through concept, collaboration, and creation. I will be including more past and present work as I go through my drives.