Creative process and learning video cont...

Polyrhythmic Exchange feat. LatinHeat and Tomahawkbang (SoulShifters)

Year: 2015

Song: Polyrhythmic Exchange by Tomahawkbang (Catch the Ghost Records/Beat X Changers/SoulShifters Crew)

House Dance Freestyling: LatinHeat (The SoulShifters Crew)

Capture and Edit: An Ta (The Project Bloc/The Super Space Cadets)

Notes: So I was digging thorough old hard drives and looking though collaborations, projects, and various concepts. I found the hard drive from my last Macbook Pro, it was the same drive I had to extract due to a failed logic board. Luckily I was able to access work from 2013-2016 and that includes some video production exploration in the form of another follow up dance video. I was just getting into Final Cut Pro X after having been in the Adobe ecosystem during this time and had my aha moments in learning how to sync clips and doing additional multi-cam editing.