A Persons Worth and Impact

I recently came back from the National School Transformation Conference in the hot desert town of Palm Springs. It was so inspiring to see so many passionate educators and organizations recognizing that we need to shift from our current status quo and passive approach to a more innovative, inclusive, and healing approach to educational and work communities. I have been having conversations with community members and friends about the difficulties and hardships of finding gainful employment during my pro-bono coaching sessions. Many of my formerly incarcerated clients and friends that have had a history speak about possible recidivism due to being constantly turned away from opportunities or never given consideration because of personal biases of others. Let’s rethink our approach and shift our personal lens.

I wanted to keep this short and share a video that educational thought leader Eric Sheninger shared with the audience. As people within organizations and the community, we need to be reminded from time to time the impact that we make in each other’s life journey. As a teacher, coach, or parent you may see the impact at a more observable angle and rate through smiles, conversations, and growth of students/children around you. For the private sector folks, understand the hiring of diverse individuals that may not come from similar training, experience, or education has a ripple effect and you can observe if you look really carefully. It may be in the images of the employee and their family welcoming a family addition, attending a graduation, or buying a new home. Cycles of poverty are broken, generational wealth is built, and doors are opened when we thoughtfully present opportunities to others and provide serious consideration to candidates from all different backgrounds.

This is a direct request to leadership, hiring managers, and recruiters to look beyond your circle of friends/influence and be open to the wealth of knowledge, experiences, and gifts others outside of what is familiar to you offer. Help facilitate putting humanity and building connections back in the process of hiring and employment. Take a thoughtful minute and breathe while looking though resumes and maybe not allow Applicant Tracking Systems to do all the work. If we are addressing equity, opportunity, and alignment it is going to be a long, thoughtful, and intentional process that needs active leaders doing the work. I digress… Know that you have the power to impact the lives of other individuals and generations with the communities you are creating.