Panasonic/Lumix Gear Extras I Use for Long Format Shooting


I have been getting texts, email, and requests on how I managed to rig my Lumix G85 for long format 4k video capture. I would love to share with you Lumix owners some ideas, suggestions, and recommendations for a long form rig. My personal G85 consists of a cage to not only protect the camera but also serves the purpose of expansion with additional adapters. The smallRig cage pictured on the left has two cold shoe mounts and a heap of screw/mount points for articulating arms and so forth. I could not find my handle ever since I let some students borrow my camera rig for a classroom project so I will be purchasing another one or two NATO Quick Release Handle(s).

For long battery life you really cannot depend on the factory batteries because of the battery capacity and having to stop to replace them when you run out of juice. I did a fair amount of research and found that I could use a “dummy battery”, coupler, and a usb power bank to power my video rig. I now see that there have been some additional options added when looking for the power solution parts with the coupler being able to connect to the Sony NPF type batteries or connecting to dual usb power banks. For my rig, I picked up a switching plate (aka cheese plate), an Anker battery bank, a cold shoe to screw, some velcro, and the “dummy battery kit”. If I would change anything it would be move over to a dual usb power bank or the NPF power solution. I noticed shooting video with the powerbank work fine. It’s when I shoot pictures that the G85 is not getting enough juice, thus the need for the dual usb.

Below are my suggestions and options, please look at the descriptions to make sure that they match with your model of camera. If you have any additional suggestions, solutions, or comments please add to the discussion thread. If you have any questions please feel free to email or DM me! Have an awesome time capturing memories!!!


Power Couplers


Accessories, Expansions, and Cable Management


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