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Modifiers, Shapers, and Speedlight Essentials Kit for Beginners!

Natural light sources cost nothing and can be manipulated to provide looks from contrasty and dramatic to even and flattering. But when you want to complement or punch up certain looks or effects there are a variety of tools, modifiers, and light sources. Within this post is a list and descriptions for you to start on your adventures in creative and supplemental lighting. 

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Lights (studio strobes) for the budget photo studio.

Researching and searching for studio gear to start with can be a crazy and daunting task. Figuring out how much wattage, what mount for light modifiers, hardware choices, etc... It could cause a bit of frustration. I have been asked by a few students to provide some suggestions for a basic but flexible studio setup used for product photography, portraits, and fashion. Below are a few suggestions and explanations for equipment and kits that will provide a basis to start and expand from. 

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